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What are my options to file my tax return?

In Person

  • Please ensure you have your documents in an envelope with your names, address, individual phone numbers and e-mail addresses written on the envelope. (no plastic bags or packaging please). You will be required to put your documents in a bucket by the front door. We will not be meeting with you and will not be handling your documents for two days.
  • Please ensure you bring in your foreign reporting questionnaire completed and signed
  • If we require any further information, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Remote portal file sharing

To begin using the portal, please email to request an invitation.

After you have received the invitation:

  • Make a profile and create your password
  • Upload your documents (drag and drop or browse for the file)

Please don’t hesitate to call our office or send an email to if you need help or for more information on sending files online.

Finalizing your tax return

In person

We currently cannot facilitate in-person signing or payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We are currently using DocuSign with client’s individual e-mail addresses to allow client’s to remotely sign authorization, allowing us to electronically file their tax returns. Payment for services will be accepted via e-transfer or by calling our office with credit card information.


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